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Negative Error Codes 0 to -99
0     noErr     0 is generally considered success, or no error.

General System Errors (VBL Mgr, Queue)
0     smNotTruncated     No truncation necessary
-1     qErr     queue element not found during deletion “OR”
-1     smTruncErr     Truncation indicator alone is wider than the specified width
-2     vTypErr     invalid queue element
-3     corErr     core routine number out of range
-4     unimpErr     unimplemented core routine
-5     SlpTypeErr     invalid queue element
-8     seNoDB     no debugger installed to handle debugger command

Color Manager Errors
-9     iTabPurgErr     from Color2Index/ITabMatch
-10     noColMatch     from Color2Index/ITabMatch
-11     qAllocErr     from MakeITable
-12     tblAllocErr     from MakeITable
-13     overRun     from MakeITable
-14     noRoomErr     from MakeITable
-15     seOutOfRange     from SetEntry
-16     seProtErr     from SetEntry
-17     i2CRangeErr     from SetEntry
-18     gdBadDev     from SetEntry
-19     reRangeErr     from SetEntry
-20     seInvRequest     from SetEntry
-21     seNoMemErr     from SetEntry

I/O System Errors
-17     controlErr     Driver can’t respond to Control call
-18     statusErr     Driver can’t respond to Status call
-19     readErr     Driver can’t respond to Read call
-20     writErr     Driver can’t respond to Write call
-21     badUnitErr     Driver ref num doesn’t match unit table
-22     unitEmptyErr     Driver ref num specifies NIL handle in unit table
-23     openErr     Requested read/write permission doesn’t match driver’s open permission, or Attempt to open RAM serial Driver failed
-24     closErr     Close failed; Permission to close .MPP driver was denied
-25     dRemovErr     tried to remove an open driver
-26     dInstErr     DrvrInstall couldn’t find driver in resources
-27     abortErr     IO call aborted by KillIO; Publisher has written a new edition “OR”
-27     iIOAbortErr     IO abort error (Printing Manager)
-28     notOpenErr     Couldn’t rd/wr/ctl/sts cause driver not opened
-29     unitTblFullErr     Unit table has no more entries
-30     dceExtErr     dce extension error

File System Errors
-33     dirFulErr     Directory full
-34     dskFulErr     Disk full
-35     nsvErr     No such volume; volume not found
-36     ioErr     I/O error
-37     bdNamErr     Bad file name; there may be no bad names in the final system!
-38     fnOpnErr     File not open
-39     eofErr     End of file; no additional data in the format
-40     posErr     Tried to position to before start of file (r/w)
-41     mFulErr     Memory full (open) or file won’t fit (load)
-42     tmfoErr     too many files open
-43     fnfErr     File not found; Folder not found; Edition container not found; Target not found
-44     wPrErr     Disk is write-protected; Volume is locked through hardware
-45     fLckdErr     File is locked
-45     fLckedErr     Publisher writing to an edition
-46     vLckdErr     Volume is locked through software
-47     fBsyErr     File is busy (delete); Section doing I/O
-48     dupFNErr     Duplicate filename (rename); File found instead of folder
-49     opWrErr     File already open with write permission
-50     paramErr     Error in user parameter list
-51     rfNumErr     Reference number invalid
-52     gfpErr     Get file position error
-53     volOffLinErr     Volume is off line
-54     permErr     Software lock on file; Not a subscriber [permissions error on file open]
-55     volOnLinErr     drive volume already on-line at MountVol
-56     nsDrvErr     no such drive (tried to mount a bad drive num)
-57     noMacDskErr     not a Macintosh disk (sig bytes are wrong)
-58     extFSErr     External file system __ file system identifier is nonzero
-59     fsRnErr     file system internal error: during rename the old entry was deleted but could not be restored.
-60     badMDBErr     bad master directory block
-61     wrPermErr     Write permissions error; Not a publisher

Font Manager Errors
-64     fontDecError     error during font declaration
-65     fontNotDeclared     font not declared
-66     fontSubErr     font substitution occurred

Disk, Serial Ports, Clock Specific Errors
-64     lastDskErr
-64     noDriveErr     drive not installed
-65     offLinErr     r/w requested for an off-line drive
-66     noNybErr     couldn’t find 5 nybbles in 200 tries
-67     noAdrMkErr     couldn’t find valid addr mark
-68     dataVerErr     read verify compare failed
-69     badCksmErr     addr mark checksum didn’t check
-70     badBtSlpErr     bad addr mark bit slip nibbles
-71     noDtaMkErr     couldn’t find a data mark header
-72     badDCksum     bad data mark checksum
-73     badDBtSlp     bad data mark bit slip nibbles
-74     wrUnderrun     write underrun occurre
-75     cantStepErr     step handshake failed
-76     tk0BadErr     track 0 detect doesn’t change
-77     initIWMErr     unable to initialize IWM
-78     twoSideErr     tried to read 2nd side on a 1-sided drive
-79     spdAdjErr     unable to correctly adjust disk speed
-80     seekErr     track number wrong on address mark
-81     sectNFErr     sector number never found on a track
-82     fmt1Err     can’t find sector 0 after track format
-83     fmt2Err     can’t get enough sync
-84     verErr     track failed to verify
-84     firstDskErr
-85     clkRdErr     unable to read same clock value twice
-86     clkWrErr     time written did not verify
-87     prWrErr     parameter RAM written didn’t read-verify
-88     prInitErr     InitUtil found the parameter RAM uninitialized
-89     rcvrErr     SCC receiver error (framing, parity, OR)
-90     breakRecd     Break received (SCC)

AppleTalk Errors
-91     ddpSktErr     Error opening socket “OR”
-91     eMultiErr     Invalid address or table is full
-92     ddpLenErr     Data length too big “OR”
-92     eLenErr     Packet too large or first entry of the write-data structure didn’t contain the full 14-byte header
-93     noBridgeErr     No router available [for non-local send]
-94     lapProtErr     error in attaching/detaching protocol “OR”
-94     LAPProtErr     Protocol handler is already attached, node’s protocol table is full, protocol not attached, or protocol handler pointer was not 0
-95     excessCollsns     Hardware error [excessive collisions on write]
-97     portInUse     driver Open error code (port is in use)
-98     portNotCf     driver Open error code (parameter RAM not configured for this connection)
-99     memROZErr     hard error in ROZ
-99     memROZError     hard error in ROZ
-99     memROZWarn     soft error in ROZ

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マック エラーコード36は「ファイル転送(I/O)」エラーです。 FinderやiDisk操作時にこのエラーが出る場合があります。 ファイルの移動、コピーができないといった症状があります。 何らかの原因でファイルがロックされている可能性があります。 アクセス権の修復やDiskFirstで直るケースもあります。 間違った操作をすると大事なデータが消えてしまう可能性があるのでご注意ください。Continue Reading...
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マック エラーコード43は「ファイル・フォルダが見つからない」エラーです。 FinderやiDisk操作時にこのエラーが出る場合があります。 ファイルの実行や移動、削除ができないといった症状があります。 実際には存在しないのに表示されているか、何らかの原因でファイル・フォルダにアクセスできなくなっている状態です。 解決方法はターミナルからsudo rm -rfコマンドを実行すると削除できる場合があります。 間違った操作をすると大事なデータが消えてしまう可能性があるのでご注意ください。Continue Reading...
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